Employers Needed! Our organization resettles between 100-120 refugees a year into the Spartanburg area and we are always looking for employers that are willing to hire refugees. Why work with refugees?  Companies across the United States find that employing refugees will lower turnover because our clients are motivated individuals with a strong work ethic. Employment is also linked to their status as refugees and impacts their ability to apply for citizenship so they are uniquely committed to getting the job done and doing it well. Refugees also tend to do more volume, more quickly. For these reasons, many employers share that their refugee workers are some of their best members of their team. Any business that needs additional employees to meet their production needs will find refugees a welcome and creative solution with real productivity upside. Some of the FREE services available to your company include:

  •  Consistent source of reliable workers, complete with Refugee documents, paperwork, and reliable transportation
  •  Job readiness training
  •  Mediation and retention support
  •  Bilingual coaches for limited English speakers during orientation training sessions, interviews, on-the-job training, and more
  •  Administrative support with employee paperwork
  •  You will not waste time and money running advertisements or working through expensive staffing agencies.

Community Engagement  In all of this, we seek to increasingly engage the local church, empowering both churches and volunteers to have an integral role in coming alongside refugees and assisting them with employment, higher education, transportation, and savings. 

Are You Looking to Hire a Refugee? World Relief’s employer support services offer support to both our clients and the employers who provide jobs. If you are an employer looking to bring diversity to your workforce, consider partnering with World Relief to employee loyal and hard-working legal refugees. They need steady work.