Misty Huey

Program Manager


Over 68 million people around the world have been forced to leave their homes. It takes a strong sense of courage and resilience to leave a country and start over in a new place that was never originally meant to be home. As Program Manager, Misty works hand in hand with staff members to ensure clients are receiving the support they need as they begin to rebuild their lives here in the Upstate . Misty grew up in Spartanburg, South Carolina and believes the South is the best place to be! She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Spanish and a Master’s Degree in Public Administration/Nonprofit Management.



Corrie McKee

Employment Specialist


True integration for refugees into their local community involves securing employment and the ability to provide financially for themselves.  As the Employment Specialist, Corrie connects refugees to job training and employment, as well as developing relationships with companies who employ refugees.  Many local employers have found refugees to have a strong work ethic and to be a reliable source of workers. If you are looking for reliable, committed employees and would like to employ a refugee, contact Corrie today!



Brandi Eversole

Refugee School Impact Coordinator


According to a 2016 UNHCR report, half of refugee children are not attending school while living in a protracted situation.  Once they arrive in the Upstate, it is the School Impact Coordinator’s job to make sure any school age children are enrolled as soon as possible.  Most people are aware of how important an educated population is to a society.  For refugee children, going to school also provides stability, routine, and the opportunity to make friends and learn English in an immersive way.  Brandi helps new families to the Upstate learn how the American school system works so they can be the support all children need while in school.  The School Impact Coordinator additionally acts as a liaison to schools so they have more agency to provide an appropriate learning environment for this unique population.  With a degree in Deaf Education from Converse College and 12 years working as a teacher in special education, Brandi knows the school system well and has experience advocating for students in vulnerable situations.