World Relief Staff

Kerry Dodson

Office Director

Kerry Dodson has more than 20 years of professional experience working with nonprofit organizations. She began her career as the Communications Director for the United Way of the New River Valley in Christiansburg, VA. She went on to serve as the Executive Director of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) -Roanoke Valley Chapter for three years before being asked to serve on JDRF’s regional and national teams.

Kerry began working with international relief ministry in 2004 as a Field Manager for Operation Christmas Child, a ministry of Samaritan’s Purse that collects and distributes gifts for children around the world. Kerry helped lead 14 U.S. field offices’ ministry efforts in developing and implementing the High Impact Volunteer Model which resulted in exponential growth of the OCC volunteer program in all 50 states across the US.

Kerry holds a Master’s Degree in Public Administration & Policy from Virginia Tech

Tina Kramm

Resettlement Coordinator

Preparing for life in America is very difficult for most refugees who have fled their own country and culture out of fear for their lives.  In order to help in the transition to new community and culture, Tina works to find safe and affordable housing for the families, helps them navigate the governmental and social beaucratic systems in the Upstate and teaches the refugee families about how to survive and thrive in a new community.  As the Resettlement Coordinator for the incoming families, Tina also works with volunteers to help them meet the needs of the refugee families and ensures that each refugee family finds new and meaningful relationships to help them integrate into South Carolina.

Grier Cash

Family Services Coordinator

Refugees are considered some of the most vulnerable people in the world and they can be even more vulnerable when they have tough medical conditions or children that require additional and long term assistance well after they arrive to the United States.  Grier specializes in helping refugee children and their parents thrive in a new school environment, often times helping schools and families find the right resources to help the children grow up and succeed in the American system.  For those families who might have additional barriers to self-sufficiency, Grier walks along side those families for many months until they are up on their feet and well connected to the community, jobs and/or back to good health.  Grier also works with churches, community centers and schools to create or enhance school-aged programming for refugee children such as after-school homework clubs, ESL, and community activities.

Jay Brown

Employment Services Specialist

When refugees arrive to the Upstate, they need to find work quickly in order to be self-sufficient.  Jay works in training and equipping refugees for the American workforce for up to 5 years while consulting with and partnering with Employers all over to help them fill their job vacancies and to improve their workforce.  Refugees are known to have a high work ethic and often stay with companies for years as they see this as a new opportunity to start over in a new country.  Local economies benefit from refugees as they earn money and spend money in a local community, providing increased tax base, cash flow and stability to tenuous labor markets where many native-born Americans do not fill certain jobs.  Contact Jay if you are interested in hiring refugees.

Caroline Turnbull

Office Coordinator

To meet the needs of the local community, refugees, and the office it takes a lot of coordination, communication, and administration. From scheduling appointments to handling finances, Caroline is the welcoming face and voice to volunteers, refugees and the community. An Upstate native and graduate of Anderson University, Caroline’s knowledge and understanding goes a long way in helping refugees as they navigate their new home and integrate in to the local community.

Natalie Terlitsky

Volunteer & Church Mobilization Specialist

World Relief’s mission is to empower the Church to serve the vulnerable. As the Volunteer & Church Mobilization Specialist for World Relief Upstate, Natalie recruits and equips volunteers and churches to welcome refugees who have fled their home countries out of fear of persecution. As refugees make South Carolina their new home, volunteers walk alongside them as they begin the road to self-sufficiency, integration, and the development of authentic relationships.

Natalie grew up in the Greenville, SC area and is a graduate of Furman University where she studied Sociology, History, and Women/Gender studies. She most recently served as a Program Manager for Surgeons for Sight in Greenville, SC. 

Please contact Natalie if you are interested in learning more about volunteer opportunities with World Relief in the Upstate.