World Relief Upstate provides culturally appropriate educational services and activities that help both the local school system (teachers and administrators) to prepare for newly arriving families and helps refugee families (parents and children) better understand and participate in their child’s education and the local school.

World Relief staff and volunteers help newly arriving students register for classes, provide orientation, register for services (i.e. bus transportation, lunch programs, etc.) and facilitate parent-teacher conferences. World Relief also stays in close communication with school ESOL teachers, classroom teachers, and, when needed, school administrators about the progress of students, the involvement of parents, cultural sensitivities, etc.

In addition to serving as a liaison between schools and parents, World Relief Upstate identifies and matches refugee students with homework partners and tutors that can assist parents in understanding homework assignments, announcements, etc. and who can assist students accomplish their assignments.

Homework partners and in-home tutors are always a high priority need. To request more information about education volunteer opportunities, send an email to