Refugees arrive in our community with compelling life experience and diverse skills. They face a future of rebuilding their lives with enthusiasm and share basic human needs for dignity and belonging.

One of the keys to fulfilling these needs is meaningful, long-term, permanent employment that leads to self-sufficiency. Work ensures that our newest residents integrate fully into our community as the valued, contributing neighbors they are anxious to become.

This kind of drive identifies refugees as some of the hardest working, most dedicated employees a company can have on its team…


“Over the past 9 months we have hired about 17 refugees. While this required creativity and adjustment on our end, due to their limited language ability, it has been well worth the effort. Hiring refugees has helped stabilize our production. The refugees are providing reliable consistent work, which helps bring stability to our production lines. As positions continue to come open we are eager to hire more.”

   – Kerri Dolan, HR Director, Antolin Spartanburg. 


Every refugee we represent is pre-screened and authorized to work in the United States. We support them and the companies who hire them through the entire process of matching the right candidates with the right opportunities, applying, interviewing, hiring, and training. We stay with clients and their employers as long as necessary to ensure the best results, and all of our services are free to employers. 

Some of the best job candidates from all over the world are now at your doorstep and we want to introduce you. If you need quality employees and if you want to make a real difference for people and the community, or if you belong to a church or civic group that can help provide transportation to help refugees get to work, we want to talk to you. Please email us at